Petrochemicals Production

Petrochemicals Production

«Tatneft-Neftekhim» Management Company and a complex of enterprises constitute the Company’s petrochemicals production segment:

TATNEFT’s Petrochemical Complex enterprises produced 11.6 million tires, including 745 thousand SSC tires, 120.5 thousand tonnes of carbon black, 332 molds sets in 2014. In 2015 the enterprises of the Petrochemical Complex produced 11 million 990 thousand tires including 875 thousand SSC tires, 117 thousand tonnes of carbon black and 260 mold sets.

OOO «Kama» Trading House sells the products manufactured by the enterprises of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Petrochemical Complex. By the end of 2014 the tire sales totaled 12.1 million pcs and 11.863 tires in 2015.

The sold products portfolio includes about 300 tire model commodity items for various purposes, as follows:

  • Passenger car tires – 169;
  • Light truck tires – 31;
  • Multiple-purpose truck tires – 34;
  • SSC truck tires – 40;
  • Agricultural – 13;
  • Industrial – 5

The range of the tire products is presented by three trademarks:

  1. KAMA - budgetary segment “C”
  2. KAMA EURO - on the border of the price segments "C" and "B"
  3. Viatti - mid-price segment “B”

At the end of 2014 carbon black sales amounted to 55.9 thousand tonnes and at the end of 2015 -.. more than 116.0 thousand tonnes. The range of carbon black sold is presented by 14 brands.


 Tire Size/Model Main Application
 Passenger Cars 
 175/65R14 V-521, V-522 VAZ, Hyundai Getz
  175/70R14 V-521, V-522, V-130 VW Polo sedan, Nissan Almera, FIAT Albea
 195/55R15 V-523, V-130 Chevrolet Lacetti, VW Polo Sedan
 225/50R17 V-521, V-522, V-130 Ford S-Max, Hyundai NF Sonata
 195/60R15 V-522, V-130 Ford Fusion, Mitsubishi Lancer
 185/65R15 V-521, V-522, V-130 Renault Logan, Hyundai Solaris, KIA Rio
 215/55R17 V-521, V-522, V-130 Nissan Teana, Kia Optima, Opel Insignia
 185/60R15 V-521, V-522, V-130 VW Polo Sedan, Toyota Yaris
 195/65R15 V-522 Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia
 185/60R14 V-521, V-522, V-130 LADA, Daewoo Nexia, Chevrolet Aveo/Lanos
 185/65R14 V-521, V-522, V-130 LADA Priora, Kia Spectra
 185/70R14 V-521, V-522, V-130 Renault Logan, Ford Focus I
 265/65R17 V-523, V-526, V-237 VW Touareg, Volvo XC 90, Mercedes M-class
 245/45R17 V-130  Audi А4,Mercedes CLS-class CLS 280
 225/45R17 V-522, HK-129 Kia Cee’d, Skoda Superb, Hyundai i30
 205/70R15 V-523, V-526 Chevrolet Niva, Suzuki Jimny
 255/45R18 V-521, V-526, V-130 Mercedes S-class, Audi A7
 235/60R18 V-523, V-526, V-237 Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-7, Audi Q5/Q7
 Light Truck 
 195R14C V-524, V-525, HK-131 Hyundai Porter, Ford Tranzit
 235/65R16C V-524, V-525, HK-131 VW Сrafter, Mercedes Sprinter
 215/65R15C V-524, V-525, HK-131 Volkswagen Transporter
 10.00 R20 Кама 310 KAMAZ
 9.00 R20 IN-142 BM  KAMAZ, trailers (towed vehicles)
 500/70-20 IDP Ural
 425/85 R21 Kama260 KAMAZ
 8.25 R20 U-2 PAZ
 SSC Truck 
 315/70R22,5 NF501, NR501, NF101, NR101 Tractor Trucks (steering and drive axles)
 245/70R19,5 NU 301 Medium-duty trucks and small class busses
 215/75R17,5 NU 301 Light commercial Trucks and small class busses

JSC «Nizhnekamsk Mechanical Plant»

JSC “NMP” provides services for all types of repair and maintenance of process equipment for the PJSC TATNEFT’s Petrochemical Complex enterprises, manufactures non-standard equipment, engineering products, spare parts, production accessories for tire, rubber and petrochemical industries. The Company is engaged in development and manufacture of equipment, spare parts, accessories and vulcanizing molds for tire, rubber industry and plastic processing enterprises.

OOO «Energoshinservis»

OOO “Energoshinservis” ensures supplies of all kinds of preset specification energy required for the tire manufacturing factories of the Nizhnekamsk Petrochemical Complex and performs on-site operation, maintenance and repair of cable lines, power lines, transformer substations, compressor station, steam lines, gas pipelines, pumping stations and underground communications.

OOO «Tatneft Neftekhimsnab»

The Company provides the divisions of the PJSC TATNEFT’s Petrochemical Complex with raw materials, auxiliary materials, equipment, spare parts, provides for storage, preparation and supply of raw materials to production facilities.

OOO «Kama» Scientific & Technical Center

STC “Kama” is engaged in development and introduction in the mass production of new models of passenger, light truck and duty truck tires, provides services for incoming inspection of raw materials and finished products testing. The Center performs tires homologation at car factories. The experts of OOO “Kama” Scientific & Technical Center introduced into series production 53 passenger and light truck tires, 6 sizes of SSC tires. In 2014, one of the significant achievements of the factory’s Scientific & Technical Center was homologation five tire types Ford Transit, Ford Fiesta, Ford Kuga, Ford Focus car model of the Ford Company. Serial deliveries to the Ford-Sollers were started. 2014 witnessed an engineering approval for 13 tires for cars of Ford, Lada Largus of AvtoVAZ, Kamaz and Liaz. Fully completed were the works on the Folkskvagen project. In 2014, the company started production of the first domestic adjustable pressure SSC tires with the off-road tire tread. There were 42 models of tires introduced into serial production in 2015 was with the share of innovative products in total production amounting to 50.9%.

JSC «Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod»

JSC “Nizhnekamsktekhuglerod” is the largest modern Russian manufacturer of carbon black, which is the most essential component in the manufacture of rubber. There are 14 grades of the product in the factory’s assortment of production as of today. The products competitive with foreign counterparts are well known and bought in such countries of the world as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and Cuba. In 2014, the carbon black volume of production was 120.5 thousand tons and 117.0 thousand tonnes in 2015.

JSC «Nizhnekamskshina»

JSC “Nizhnekamskshina” manufactures tires for vehicles operating in various conditions: road, universal (all season), winter, cross-country and quarry types. The tires manufactured are designed for different types of automotive equipment and they fall into different categories: passenger car tires; light truck tires; load truck tires; agricultural vehicle tires and forklift tires. PJSC "Nizhnekamskshina" manufactures tires of KAMA, KAMA EURO and Viatti brands. In physical terms the volume of production in 2014 amounted to 8,690.8 thousand tires, while the number of tires manufactured in 2015 amounted to 9,270.0 thousand pieces.

OOO «Nizhnekamsk Truck Tire Factory»

OOO “Nizhnekamsk Truck Tire Factory” manufactures more than 30 product items. The tires are used to assemble vehicles manufactured by the domestic automobile industry: “KAMAZ”, “Ural”, “NefAZ”, “PAZ”, vehicles for the Ministry of Defense. The KAMA brand products are also popular in the markets of the CIS and far abroad countries. The Nizhnekamsk Truck Tire Factory produced 1,930.0 thousand tires in 2014, while the number of tires produced in the 2015 amounted to 1,850.0 thousand pieces.

OOO «Nizhnekamsk SSC Tire Factory»

OOO “Nizhnekamsk SSC Tire Factory” is an up-to-date tire manufacturing factory, which has no analogues in Russia and CIS. The design capacity is 1.2 million tires per year. Being highly competitive with the tires of the best international tire manufacturers SSC tires are supplied to “KAMAZ”, “NEFAZ” and “MZ Tonar” and exported to 31 countries worldwide. The volume of the enterprise production amounted to 745.1 thousand tires in 2014, while the number of tires manufactured in 2015 amounted 875.0 thousand pieces.

JSC «Yarpolimermash-Tatneft»

JSC «Yarpolimermash-Tatneft» is a modern engineering company specializing in production of complex high-tech equipment for the petrochemical and tire industry. The Company offers its services for production of molds of a wide range of sizes and designs for vulcanizing tires, driving and curing bags, tire flaps and other rubber parts; containers for hydraulic vulcanizers; various spare parts for molds and containers as well as services for repair and modernization of molds and containers and maintenance service.