21 June 2019

First Oil Products Were Received at the TANECO’s CDU / VDU-6 Installation

They started comprehensive testing of the CDU / VDU-6 unit with the vacuum distillation unit of the visbreaking residue was at the TATNEFT’s TANECO Oil Refining Complex and received the first batch of straight-run gasoline.

The estimated capacity of CDU / VDU-6 is 6 million tonnes of crude oil per year. The installation will produce hydrocarbon gas, straight-run gasoline fraction, kerosene and diesel fractions, vacuum gas oil and tar.

The primary oil refining chain consists of several installations and as a standard it consists of the following units: electrical desalting and oil dehydration (CDU); atmospheric and vacuum distillation of oil (VDU). Unlike the existing CDU / VDU-7, the new unit includes a gasoline stabilization unit and an intermediate tank farm for receiving, storing and dispensing raw materials of 6,000 cubic meters. Due to the fact that they refused to use liquid fuel on the furnaces, there will be no overall 150-meter smoke-stack.

The general designer of CDU / VDU-6 is OOO INCO-TEK and the general contractor of the construction is OOO Orgneftekhim-Holding. The process flow diagram of CDU/VDU-6 has been selected in such a way that with further deepening of processing it will ensure provision of raw materials for all installations of the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex.

Due to the focus of TATNEFT Company on strengthening cooperation with domestic machine builders, all technological equipment has been ordered and manufactured at Russian factories. For example, the column equipment has been manufactured by OJSC Volgogradneftemash, OJSC Penkhimmash; heat exchange and tank equipment - Bugulma Mechanical Plant of PJSC TATNEFT, OOO Izhevskkhimmash; process furnaces - OOO “Aliter-Aksi”; electric dehydrators - CJSC NEFTEKH; pumping equipment - JSC "ENA"; vacuum generating system – OOO NPO Ufaneftegazmash. When choosing control instrumentation and automation devices,  the preference has been given to Russian manufacturers whenever analogues have been  available.

After the launch of the second primary processing unit CDU / VDU-6, the total design capacity of the TANECO refinery will increase to 14 million tonnes / year.

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